Specialty Mats

Think about your restroom facility. Does your mind wander to urinals? It might not, but we at Packerland Rent-A-Mat believe it should. Urinals, small but impactful, heavily influence your restroom’s cleanliness. Splashes, spillages, and resulting odors pose serious hygiene problems. Germs can flourish if you don’t manage these areas well. Our urinal mats are your perfect solution.

Absorbency and Anti-Microbial Technology

Our urinal mats boast high levels of absorbency, trapping and containing spills. They prevent messes from spreading across your restroom floor. What’s more, their anti-microbial technology inhibits bacterial growth, fights odors, and promotes a cleaner environment.

Durable Designs

Our urinal mats resist tearing and degrading, even under heavy use. They offer long-term floor protection for floors of any kind.

Improved Safety

Wet floors can be hazardous, causing slips and falls. Our urinal mats minimize this risk with their absorbency, ensuring a safer environment.

Aesthetic Choices

We offer a range of styles and colors. You can choose urinal mats that complement your restroom’s decor.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our mats protect your floors from stains and damage, extending their lifespan. With our help, you will avoid expensive repairs or replacements, saving money in the long run.

Packerland Rent-A-Mat: More Than a Provider

We go beyond merely selling products. We offer comprehensive services, including regular mat replacement and professional cleaning. We aim to maintain a consistently clean and safe environment for your facilities. Cleanliness, often silent, powerfully represents your brand. It shapes perceptions of your business, affecting the comfort and health of your patrons and employees. So, don’t underestimate the importance of urinal mats.

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