Packerland Rent-A-Mat offers high-quality scraper mats built to significantly enhance the cleanliness and safety of your facility. These mats trap dirt and moisture and reduce the risk of slips and accidents.

They also contribute to a professional business environment, impressing clients and customers. Opting for a rental service like Packerland Rent-A-Mat offers cost-effectiveness and sustainability benefits, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to maintain a pristine, safe, and welcoming workspace.

Safety and Cleanliness

Scraper mats are highly effective in reducing the amount of dirt, debris, and moisture tracked into a facility. This helps maintain a cleaner, more hygienic environment. This takes on even greater importance in businesses like restaurants and clinics, which are often subjected to spills and other messes par for the course in fast-paced environments. By reducing dirt and moisture, scraper mats prevent slip-and-fall accidents, a common liability issue in commercial spaces.

Professional Appearance

A clean, well-maintained commercial space creates a positive impression on customers and clients. Scraper mats provided by Packerland Rent-A-Mat blend the best of comfort, style, and function, to contribute to a professional and welcoming environment.

Cost-Effective Solution

Renting scraper mats from Packerland Rent-A-Mat is a cost-effective solution for your business, eliminating the need for a significant initial investment in purchasing mats. We feature regular cleaning and maintenance services, which means businesses don’t need to worry about the constant upkeep of their mats.


Our customer-friendly, flexible rental programs raise the expectations in your sustainability goals. Instead of frequently replacing worn-out mats, which contributes to waste, rented mats are professionally cleaned, maintained, and replaced as needed. This encourages a budget-friendly approach to service without compromising on exceptional quality.

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Scraper mats from Packerland Rent-A-Mat provide a comprehensive solution for commercial businesses. They contribute to safety, cleanliness, and a professional appearance while offering cost and sustainability benefits. With their flexibility and convenience, Packerland Rent-A-Mat ensures businesses experience the gold standard in mat services. Contact us at 1-800-472-9339, or email us to learn more about our products and services.