Floor Mat Rental & Exchange Service

Save time, keep employees focused on core business activities – leave the mat cleaning and rental to Packerland.

Can you Afford not to have an Effective Floor Mat Service?

Using entry mats for your building achieves a fresh appearance in your entrances and hallways, which strengthens the perception of organization and cleanliness in your facility.

Consider these Facts

70-80% of dust, grime and dirt in a building is tracked in from the outside on people’s feet – permanently damaging floors and carpeting. One square yard of carpet can accumulate one pound of dirt in a week – twice that in bad weather.

It’s estimated that the cost to remove a single pound of dirt from a building will cost in excess of $600 in cleaning costs, yet many businesses NEVER or rarely clean their carpeting, furniture and office panels. Why not significantly add to client and employee well-being and cut maintenance and cleaning costs with a regular mat rental program?

We Deliver what we Promise!

Packerland turn-key programs ensure that your floor mats will be exchanged exactly as specified. We’ll have your floor mats exchanged at the proper time to ensure constant and efficient protection for your business. We get the job done so you don’t have to worry about it.

It’s not just about Cleanliness – It’s About SAFETY, Too!

Entrance mats help reduce tripping, slips and falls. Does your current provider place multiple small floor mats to cover large areas? Packerland consolidates the number of mats used by providing mats as large as 6×20 feet to eliminate slipping, tripping and a sloppy appearance. We provide your employees and visitors with the safest possible environment. No other company can provide a higher level of safety!

Compare Packerland Costs

Our mat service quotes give you a bottom-line cost for the year…we don’t play games. Packerland makes budgeting for services easier.

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Rental mats from Packerland Rent-A-Mat provide a comprehensive solution for commercial businesses. They contribute to safety, cleanliness, and a professional appearance while offering cost and sustainability benefits. With their flexibility and convenience, Packerland Rent-A-Mat ensures businesses experience the gold standard in mat services. Contact us at 1-800-472-9339, or email us to learn more about our products and services.